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Bill Gates is saying Omicron is better than the mRNA serum

At the Munich Security Conference 2022, Bill Gates explains that the Omicron variant is doing the job of vaccinating people.

He also points out some very important factors:

  1. People suffering from the virus are mainly the elderly, obese, and people with diabetes.
  2. Omicron variants dramatically reduce the chances of severe disease and hospitalisation
  3. Our recovery from covid will come from natural immunity and not from mRNA.
For the 'at risk' groups of people, mRNA has possibly saved them from hospitalisation but it has not reduced infection rates and who knows what the long term outcomes will be.

It is a big help that we know who is at risk. Governments have spent billions trying to get everyone injected with an experimental serum whereas they could have quickly targeted the 'at risk'. A very curious strategy that has left many people dazed and bewildered as to how our individual rights of choice were secretly removed and replaced with government demands and coercion tactics that required people to participate in experimental drugs; the very act banned by the Nuremburg Principles.

The mRNA experiment:
  1. had no long term testing
  2. had not succeeded before
  3. caused thousands of deaths and serious illnesses through adverse reactions and incorrect injection techniques
  4. broke the Nuremburg Principles (UN currently updating their web so here is a time link) (
  5. required adults and children to take drugs that they do not know are safe
  6. created millions of displaced people through mandates
  7. created psychological damage
  8. split up families and friends
  9. created a segregated society
  10. radicalized conscientious objectors
  11. caused the loss and control of free speech
  12. Shut businesses and destroyed our economies
  13. Established country debts that will take many years to repay.
all because appointed leaders became obsessed with pushing ONE unproven 'science based' solution when in reality, it will be nature that solves the problem in the end.

Reports of Hospitalisation due to Omicron

When Omicron was discovered in South Africa, it wasn't due to people going to hospital with Omicron.

Discovery of the variant was due to people going with other complaints to the hospital and then the hospital discovered the patient had Omicron. This will be the case in New Zealand. However, the media are not reporting the basis of the discovery. They are implying that the hospitalisation is due to covid.

There is a huge difference between:

Hospitalisation due to covid; and hospitalisation with other issues and then the discovery of covid are two completely different scenarios.
The same applies to dying with covid or dying of covid.

The government and media are deliberately misleading people with their style of reporting, all so they can continue the narrative that mRNA is a vaccine that everyone must take. This hypothesis is constantly being proven to be incorrect, with peer reviewed studies by highly qualified people, and yet these people are being deliberately labeled as 'fakes', ignored, and banned from media platforms.

This is a warning to us all

Once this is all over, we must establish new rules:
  1. No changing our rights
  2. People need to take responsibility for their own health
  3. Acknowledgement of the different viewpoints on a subject
  4. Better government representation, as we the conscientious objectors have had no government representation
  5. Resolve the unhealthy food industry. Place taxes on unhealthy foods so it is too expensive for people to make it a habit
  6. Tax fructose sugars
  7. Fortify common foods with essential minerals and vitamins
  8. Establish the requirement for long term testing of drugs. If you want to take a drug before the tests are complete, that is your choice. But to mandate people and to shame them to take an unproven drug is a criminal act (as per the Nuremburg Code) and this law needs to be followed up with court action against the people who have discarded human rights. This needs to be a lesson for all future politicians and leaders.

Address the real issues

Diabetes and obesity are resolvable through good diet and exercise.
Spend the money on education and encouragement for those at risk.


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