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Real research. Natural vaccination far better than mRNA guaranteed!

It is the start of 2022 and governments around the world are still confused as to how to eliminate covid, a 'disease' that is just one of the many growing health concerns facing people as we enter 2022.
The evidence points to the problem being the failure of people's natural immunity in two specific directions:
  1. Immune response reaction speed: The speed at which your immune system notices the infection
  2. Effectiveness of your immunity system: The ability to combat the disease
These two points are the key. What causes your immune system to become compromised?
Much ill health is created by: 
  1. Bad food and drink
  2. Lack of exercise
  3. Stress
  4. Lack of exposure to the sun's rays to produce vitamin D which is essential to the immune system's ability to function
  5. Taking prescription drugs that suppress the immune system. 
Suppression of the immune system is an important concept to understand as I believe it is the key to solving this pandemic. Is it that the people succumbing to covid have a particular immune suppression issue?

Refresh your mind on what the WHO say about covid.

As below: "Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment."

So why are a small percentage of people being hospitalised and why are some dying of covid? 

If 0.01% of the world's population died of covid it would be 80 million deaths.
So that would be 1 in 100 people you see around every day dying of covid.

Self Education: Look at the people in the supermarket and count 100 of them. As you do so, look at what they put in their trolley. Is it a healthy trolley or is it full of processed foods, snacks, lollies and sugar drinks? If the latter, they are automatically failing to support their immune system and their actions could easily be leading to their present and future health issues. I am not saying a 'treat' is out of the question but to look after your health, you need to eat mainly healthy foods and drink non sugar-based drinks, such as water.

We all want to avoid health related deaths BUT putting everyone else at risk, including our vulnerable children, to save the few is not an acceptable risk. There must be another method but money is power and only science is getting the opportunity to be heard.

I am going to build on this. I am going to work my way up the ladder of the government structure with 3 questions:

1. What is the worst possible outcome of taking the mRNA injection?
2. What is the worst possible outcome after 10 years of the mRNA injection?
3. Is it possible the issue is nutrition related?

8 January 2022 - 09:15 hrs

Interesting results from Israel are showing the problem is the vaccinated. I am assuming that 
Rand Paul has done his research.

"Only the truth shall set you free."

Statistics: modeling reports: more data

A reply I posted to a youtube video by news reporters saying the unvaxxed are the problem.

Please profile the people who are dying from covid. What is the common denominator? Are they living a healthy lifestyle? Are they pre diabetic? Are they on meds? Can we target the actual issue instead of saying the only solution is for everyone to take an experimental drug that has not been through the accepted full test protocol? I caught covid in 2019. My natural immune system resolved it with no great amount of fuss or hospitalisation. Who is actually at risk? What if the mRNA has an issue in 10 years time? What will we do to fix that particular problem? Anti-vaxxers come in 2 classifications 1. Antisocial 2. Educated. You cannot keep grouping the two together. I am science based with a total understanding of health. Look after yourself, watch what you eat and drink. If sick isolate. If you achieve natural immunity you are better than mRNA vaxxed and this is peer reviewed fact. But banging on that the problem is you have not been jabbed is counter productive. A better solution than 'operation warp speed' is truly required. The media have the opportunity to get this right. Common sense is required to solve this. Be kind.


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