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How to get the un-vaxxed to vaccinate

I have not taken the mRNA injection. That does not make me an anti-vaxxer. It makes me someone who thinks carefully about what they put into their body. For the past 10 years I have spent a lot of time studying my body, functions and what makes you healthy. I am very clued up on self management and I no longer have a traditional diet based on what my parents raised me on. I have studied the effects that  pharmaceutical drugs have on the human system and absolutely none of them come without risks and side effects. So when someone says that we have just invented a new drug and  you have to jab it into your body, you need to understand, I am going to truly question you and you are going to have to answer my questions with 100% certainty.

My questions are:

Question 1. What is the worst possible outcome for taking the mRNA injection?

Answer 1: Death > cardiovascular disease > inflammation

Conclusion 1: Although it is a low probability, why would such a drug have such an outcome?
For it to have such an outcome you need to consider that there is also a variety of less terminal outcomes that are also not desirable such as long term heart disease and neurological disorders. Why take the risk of any drug that has not been fully tested if you are not at risk of dying from covid?

Question 2: What is the possibility that in 10 years time, the mRNA may have long term health consequences?

Answer 2: No one knows.

Conclusion 2: So if you do not know the long term outcome, you have to model and rate the statistical outcome odds.
Without any means to calculate the result, you must place the odds at 50%. How will the health system cope if in 10 years time just a fraction of the 50%, say .01%, present cardiovascular disease as a result of long term jabbing? That would be 80 million people and the world hospital system would collapse.

This is modelling the 'what if' realities, and although the health systems around the world have all taken the approach that 'because so many people have the mRNA in them, and the vast majority are still standing so therefore it is safe', this is not a conclusive result. The true effects of the new technology will not be known for many years to come. This is an absolute fact. There is no conspiracy in recognising this, and there is no antisocial behaviour in requesting an answer. It is our lives, our children's lives and the future of humanity that is at risk. It is only commonsense and due diligence to ask for science and medicine to provide calculated answers to these questions.

I have talked to a lot of pro-mRNA people at all levels and absolutely no one has been able to answer the questions. It is always a conversation of a few truths which then transfers into assumptions and hyperbole that do not have any evidence to support the ideas and theories presented.

For example: I talked with a senior nurse. She brought up her family. Two of her adult children were in Australia and were fully vaxxed. One of them and their partner (both vaxxed) had covid after being vaxxed, and still had covid.

The other sibling has a baby. The nurse said that this daughter met in a park with two friends who were un-vaxxed. The nurse said that she was very concerned about her daughter meeting these unvaxxed people because they could be contagious and infect her granddaughter.

Let's examine this factually.

1. The vaxxed siblings were infectious with covid for up to 5 days before they would have noticed they were infected and taken precautions.

2. The unvaxxed friends could have been infected but the nurse did not mention that they had covid. I am sure she would have made this point as it would have been a valuable factor to consider.

3. However, the vaxxed sibling and partner were infectious for @ 5 days. A meeting between siblings was the actual risk and one would imagine that such meetings during the holiday season was highly probable.

4. In addition; if the vaxxed sibling met the unvaxxed ladies; it would be the vaxxed sibling who was the threat to the unvaxxed people and their children.

5. Vaxxed people tend to be under the impression that because they are fully vaxxed they are protected and cannot be infectious. The nurse was somewhat under the same assumption. How did they ever achieve this level of incorrect thought? 

6. There is absolutely no difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed in infection rates and the vaxxed can still contract the virus, infect others, be hospitalised and die.

As always; if you feel that I have got this incorrect, please comment and I will review this analysis.

I tried to point this out to the covid helpline nurse. I think she could see my point. I am amazed at how easy it has been for well educated and experienced people to get these facts wrong and how they have been allowed and encouraged to push incorrect logic.

Question 3: Who and why are people succumbing to covid?

Answer 3: We know the answer to this question without doubt. It is the failure of people's immune system in two specific directions:

a) The speed at which your immune system recognises the virus

b) The effectiveness of your immune system to combat the virus

These factors are directly influenced by your human biome and this is controlled by:

  1. What you eat
  2. What you drink
  3. How and with what you cook your food
  4. Essential vitamins such as Vitamin D
  5. Sleep debt
  6. Immune suppressing factors such as pharmaceutical drug use
  7. Immune compromising factors such as diet

What about the mRNA Vaccine?

I am well versed at recognising complex marketing methods where truths are mixed in with assumptions to create the goal of a sale.

Example: "Coke refreshes!" Two simple words and yet totally incorrect. What does coke actually refresh? Only your thoughts for a moment because the actual chemical and nutrient combination of coke cannot refresh any part of your biology. But put the two words together, add an image, and you now have a psychological trigger that will encourage people to buy and drink a combination of fluids that technically give your health a great deal of trouble.

Another example: When McDonald's promote their 'Ronald McDonald House' I am impressed with their care and consideration. However they fail to mention that their food processing causes a great deal of long term disease in children who become addicted to McDonald's food options.


The promotion of mRNA has not been transparent. There are many many skeletons in the cupboard and for anyone to not know this is simply a reflection on a person's ability to research and discover the facts. You may have simply accepted the nurses conversation and been satisfied with your level of research. However, just because you have taken the risk does not mean that everyone else should follow suit and when people actually do the research, there are far too many facts that say mRNA is an experiment that could so easily be very wrong.

Do I trust doctors, science, and pharmaceutical companies?

I respect them but I do not 100% trust them. I have seen people die from medical failure, drug issues, and science getting it completely wrong. Why are there so many people within these industries warning us about mRNA but being shut down by force? What happened to a balanced discussion and freedom of speech? Why is the science community not unanimous in the decision to jab everyone in the world with a not yet fully tested drug experiment?

Dishonest, dubious, and non factual

Anyone; talk to me. Do not use tricks and vague replies to serious questions. Health officials constantly fail to answer the simplest of questions and yet they expect me and others to believe their opinion  because they are a healthcare worker, scientist, politician, or think that they are doing the world a favour and should just be believed because they spent 30 minutes talking with you.

Yes people are ending up in hospital with covid. However, not all of them are un-vaxxed. Many are vaccinated and they are still dying. If you want to be believed, show the unvaxxed the truth and make it easy to understand. Is there a particular profile of person ending up in hospital with covid?

Who are the people at risk?

A profile of the "at risk" would be of huge benefit.

  1. What meds are they on?
  2. What is their general diet?
  3. Do they consume a particular drink such as addictive energy drinks?
  4. Do they smoke?
  5. What is their vitamin D level?
  6. What exercise do they do?
  7. What is their medical condition?

Without this information, how can we know what is going on? The only definitions being used are vaxxed and unvaxxed. Irrespective of this classification, both groups are still being hospitalised and are still dying. When are science and medical professionals going to move off this diversion and ACTUALLY USE THEIR SUPERIOR BRAINS AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

Anti-Vaxxers are two specific groups, not just one and the false campaign has created outcasts out of very good people.

There are groups out there who do not like a particular government. They use every opportunity to push their point of view and claim how the current government is corrupt. Covid has been a perfect opportunity for these organisations to recruit because the government-driven campaign to discredit anyone who did a bit of research on mRNA and found it to be dubious, has created outcast of some very good people. 

Being shunned by society, the blatant  human rights violations have created a disgust amongst anyone who believed in equal rights, truth, fair play, and equal opportunity. The management of Covid has brought fringe groups the opportunity to validate their beliefs and increase their supporters. These groups create a lot of  media attention and the general public believe all anti-vaxxers are part of this anti-government movement, flat earthers, or cults. But importantly, there is a second classification of 'Anti-vaxxer' person. They are not anti-establishment and are not actually anti-vaxxers. They simply want to know the facts and not have the wool pulled over their eyes. I am in the latter group but we all get pooled together and treated as the same. This is completely wrong but it is being used to dupe everyone into believing "The problem is the unvaccinated" and when you treat us like children, lock us away from the things we love, call us undesirables, take away our jobs, cause family arguments, separations and distrust, we react. 

We are your voters, friends, neighbours, colleagues, faith supporters and your family, but all you think is that I am society's problem because a marketing campaign deliberately executed by government created us as outcasts.

I have lost so much of all that I am, due to the government saying that I am the problem. But yet here is all my research. This blog takes you on my journey. It has been complicated because the powers that be have not thought it all through and there is a lot of information that does not add up.

Elderly gentleman being asked for his proof of vaccination and right to sit down to eat.
This picture says so much!

Be very clear. The problem is people's immune system and until you actually address this huge issue, covid will not go away. Covid is only the beginning of far worse events to come. For example the diabetes crisis is expected to overwhelm our health and funding systems within the next 30 years. With the cost + overwhelming profits of the mRNA serum, I am guessing that this crisis is now going to happen a lot sooner. I noticed at my doctors (which I never need to go to except to get mandatory travel tested) the very latest Porsche parked around the back door. When there is money to be made, people will push the opportunity until the well is dry. Many humans will always take advantage of weakness and when you are getting rich, why ever stop the cash cow?


Is there only one solution?

If the mRNA injection is the solution; then why is it not working? Why is it not eliminating covid? Because it can't. It can only temporarily reduce the number of people ending up in hospital and it is not a solution. 

So what is the solution to the ongoing health crisis that grips the world constantly?


  1. Mandate food manufacturers that they can only produce healthy food
  2. Stop poisoning our lands and waterways with chemicals
  3. Educate people on healthy eating and lifestyles
  4. Resolve the growing alcohol pandemic
  5. Tax sugar and eliminate the food product that are known to cause health and nutrition issues
  6. If a person gets sick or is in a precondition, put them in a mandated health program
  7. Focus on identifying who is at risk and vaccinate them

mRNA is an experiment

mRNA was brought into play by Donald Trump's 'Warp Speed' program. It gave immunity to manufacturers and they saw an opportunity to get rich at no risk to themselves. Why has the CEO of BioNTech, Ugur Sahin, not taken his own drug? This reporter obviously hijacks the inventor at the front door. He is not prepared and at the end of the interview he cannot help but try to come up with an excuse as to why he has not been allowed to take his own drug.

It gives us all a shudder when we find out that in Ugur's opinion, he would not take the drug himself. Everyone else is at risk and must be protected but not himself. Just imagine the consequences of him succumbing to covid. Surly he should be the first person on the planet to get vaccinated. This just makes common sense that if he won't take it, for any reason, then there is an issue.

Are the people promoting mRNA healthy themselves?

Scientists and many doctors do not necessarily understand health because they may not have studied the subject and so to them, nature is just a 'factor' to study and work out how to manipulate.

Personal health is something you learn over time. You are not naturally healthy by just existing. If you do not learn natural health, it will show in factors such as BMI, you own health issues, and your eventual demise.
Science always seems to want a drug to solve the problems of not wanting to make the effort.
How about education on living healthy by people who know how to do it themselves?

I used to think that being able to run 5 miles and climb a mountain meant I was healthy. That is far from the truth. Health is not your ability to play rugby, be selected as an ALL BLACK, jump from a plane, or swim a mile. It is what you eat, what you don't eat, what you drink, how you think, how you protect yourself from harmfully things like pharmaceutical drugs, your consumption of sugar (in particular fructose). For example: People think that drinking fruit juice is healthy. It is not. You miss out on the fruit's fiber and create a spike in your insulin levels. You overdose on the fruit's sugars and this is very unhealthy for you. The healthy bit is the fiber and this stuff tends to be thrown away. (Stop juicing. Eat the whole fruit). Farm raised seafood is also very very unhealthy, as is the highly processed milk that we are given today. Vegetable oil... what vegetable does that oil come from? None. It just got that name because it helps sell products like 'crisco', a very toxic substance to people.


I am not an anti-vaxxer. I see the bigger picture in that we are at a point in our civilization that if we do not start working with the truth, we are creating a situation that we may never recover from.

Learn about health and improve your diet
  • Stop drinking sugary drinks
  • Reduce or even eliminate sugar
  • Filter the chemicals out of your drinking water
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Eliminate bread from your diet
  • Do not use heat treated oils such as vegetable oil, rice bran oil, seed oil. Cold pressed oils are better such as extra virgin olive oil
  • Start walking for 15 minutes a day
  • Eat more vegies
  • Drop fast foods
  • Teach your kids
  • Get into the sun
  • Live a healthy life
  • Learn to cook high density nutrition
We all want covid to go away. It will take more than mRNA to achieve this but do not forget, covid is a wakeup call. Diabetes is a silent epidemic already and more viruses are on their way. What we have gone through so far with covid is nothing and only the beginning. 

Learn to live healthily and live your best life now. It is never too late.

When you wake up in the morning, first thing, drink a big glass of the cleanest water you can find.
Learn to skip breakfast. We eat far too much. Research OMAD on Youtube.
Walk, bike to work or just take a 15 minute walk every day.
Get the sun on your skin for at least 15 minutes a day (but do not burn). Take your shirt off.
Pack your own lunch and include healthy ingredients like salads, eggs, nuts.

A weeks lunches made all at the same time and kept in the fridge until required.
Saves money and makes sure that you eat properly.

Healthy habits go a long way to making your life better.

Be kind. If the powers that be have got it right, why haven't they got rid of the problem? It's in your own hands. Covid is an extreme version of the flu. I don't ever get the flu now. I used to get it 3-4 times a year. Since improving my health, it is not something that affects me. An interesting point.