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Why is the CEO of BionTech not vaccinated?

When the person who invented the BionTech mRNA serum is not vaccinated, it raises quite a concern.

BionTech CEO Ugur Sahin

This is a dedicated scientist. I can see this. It must be a major pain not being able to get a coffee, go to a restaurant, or a movie theatre. Having to get tested all the time and be ostracized from your family and friends. Oh... you didn't realise... he is not vaccinated.

At 7½ mins into the video he is saying that he is not legally allowed to take the vaccine because it would somehow affect the amount of doses available? He is not vaccinated in order to protect one vial of vaccine?

"Dear Ugur, I want you to have my vaccine. I will not take it so that you can gain immunity."

Scientists.... everything else before me is an experiment. I wonder what the outcome will be?

Then at 8:00 minutes he says that, by law, you cannot include company people in clinical trials.
Those trials are over, aren't they? Else why is the 'No Jab No Job' mandate able to be exercised? 

Companies are forcing staff to get vaccinated so how can this be a 'legal' issue?

Can someone please explain?