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To the unvaccinated

I listen to all sides of the covid-19 story and I am simply trying to find out the truth.

The focus of the Government is to get everyone vaxxed. I can see why. The virus is deadly and for many people, they do not know their immunity status.

I am, and have been for a very long time, apprehensive about medicines. Both my parents died as a result of what I see as medical misadventure. They were also the product of bad diets. If my parents had eaten better (they had a normal diet), they may have been able to avoid their diseases.

As much as I do not have the mRNA in my system, I have already had, and recovered fully from, covid.
I believe in natural immunity BUT I also support that immunity with a very immunity focused diet and lifestyle.

If you are only basing your covid protection on the idea that covid is not true, think again. It is a very serious virus. I advocate vaccination for people at risk, people on bad diets, people with respiratory disease, and anyone with comorbidity.

In all cases, a better diet, sleep, and healthy living are the foundations to long term health.

My research is hampered a lot by false information on both sides. Conclusions drawn by facts and non facts = a guess.

For example: 
1. The vaccine is safe...
a. Technically it is not a vaccine.
b. Safe? There are a lot of adverse events.
c. Safe? The long term results are not known.
2: 'The problem is the unvaccinated' is just too simple and does not address the real issue which is that 'The problem is people whose immune system won't protect them'.
3: Covid is nothing more than the flu. This is not true.

The vaccine is protecting the vulnerable from death. This is true. But who are the vulnerable and what is the long term effect of the mRNA injection? I hope for the best but it is not a truth to say it will be fine, because we are getting a lot of adverse events, and where there is smoke, there is likely fire.