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Researching the idea 'The Issue is the unvaccinated'

Note for government associates:

We, the laypeople who have done the research into the mRNA injection have not yet been convinced by solid evidence that the mRNA injection is safe. Many reports of death and harm have come to our attention and the total lack of transparency is overwhelming. Coercion is being used to force people to partake in the experiment. We have now been positioned as 'the problem' and we feel betrayed by our leaders who we helped put into power. You need to convince us with actual facts. Theories are all well and good, but it is our lives and our families' lives you are putting at risk in your hypothesis. Make it real and understand, this is not over. If you want our help: tell us the truth, stop covering things up, and stop blaming us for being cautious. Long-term tests of the mRNA have not been done. 
Please listen to our concerns and focus on solid answers without hypothesis being the foundation.
This is the way forward as opposed to locking us up. 

Where did the idea that the issue was the unvaccinated come from?

I have spent 2 days focused on this concept and this is a summary of that research.
My conclusion is that this is not an issue of the unvaccinated. Please see if you can find a fault in my reasoning as this evidence will be used in the case against the New Zealand Government.

After talking with many people, I was given this link by IMAC:

It is an observational report from a worker at an aged care facility in the USA and it promotes how good the vaccine has been at stopping deaths and how the issue of infection is blamed on the unvaccinated. 
On first read it is very believable and compelling.

However once you start to examine the parts, they do not add up. 
You may like to read the article before continuing with my research findings.

1: Reduction in Covid Deaths observed

This is a graph that the article uses to support the idea that the reduction in deaths was due to the vaccine rollout. Notice the peak at (1) below. USA's winter starts in December which is close to the beginning of the rise. The spike duration is approximately 3-4 months.

I remind you that the reporter emphatically declares that the reduction in death is due only to the introduction of the vaccine.

But if we take a country that was not vaccinated, did they experience the same peak?

In India the spike duration is 6 months but by the end of the spike, India was only 4.28% vaccinated so the decline in Covid deaths cannot be attributed to the vaccine (see India's vaccination rate below Link)

And considering that the majority of people in India are unvaccinated, you cannot say that the issue is the unvaccinated.

The actual spike in the USA was also of a 6 month duration. 
This peak statistic of six month duration seem to be a natural factor rather than through human intervention.

There are so many reason why the writer of  THE REPORT has drawn the wrong conclusion.
That IMAC gave me the report as some kind of proof that the issue is the unvaccinated tells me that IMAC are not considering all the possibilities. For example.
  1. What goes up must come down. This is a statistical rule (Link). We can see the virus death rate peaks at 3 months in both the India and USA statistics even though India is not vaccinated so therefore we have observed a natural cycle of the virus. This cycle has not been influenced by the vaccine else the results in USA would be far better than that of India.
  2. In USA, the peak was during the flu season.
    1. The aged would be very depressed at not being allowed to see grandchildren
    2. The psychology of Covid-19 death would be on their minds constantly
    3. It is flu season
  3. Emotional state is capable of causing death.
  4. Once the people with weak immune systems were lost, the stronger would prevail but they would still pass away in lesser numbers
  5. Being in an aged care facility with shared ventilation would mean all occupants would contract the virus. I am sure this was resolved at some time during the pandemic and transmission was reduced, but this has not improved the USA statistics of death.
Brazil is another hot spot. Do we get a similar result?

The green box represents the same six month period and the same spike. Resolved at a vaccination rate of 12.76%. (Link)

Other possible factors for the reduction in deaths:
  • Flu season over
  • Lockdowns
  • Mask wearing
  • Most vulnerable succumbed early and once gone, the more naturally immune resisted the effects of the virus better
  • Natural immunity was starting to take effect
BUT without question, it cannot be said that the vaccine is solving the Covid-19 crisis because countries without high vaccination rates are experiencing a decline in deaths similar to the vaccinated countries.

The Unvaccinated are not the problem

The issue, rhetoric, seems to be a biased view in the analysis of information. 
A desire by leaders and science to prove the mRNA vaccines are safe and work AT ALL COSTS even though the vaccines appear to be creating their own pandemic, death, and ongoing illnesses.

"Fake it until you make it!" The Mantra of D Trump

What do you expect when the action that delivers an untested drug on the market is executed by a man who is known to take risks. Through a catch cry of "Operation Warp Speed!" and "You are indemnified from risk for having a go.", every gold-digging pharmaceutical company had a go. What's the risk?

To me that sound like, "Ignore all the risks and safety precautions. Lets just go for it and hope for the best!". "Lets fake it until we make it!". Then hand over the keys of the peoples' money to the pharmaceutical companies. What are they going to do? Pump it for every dollar they can get. Advertising, promotions, spin, manipulate statistics, coercion, bribery, fearmonger, whatever is required to make it a successful money maker. And our governments supported it.

Is the USA having more deaths since the vaccination rollout?

In the image of USA Covid deaths below, see the two squares on either side of the peak. 
These are periods of time that can be compared.
a) On the left is pre vaccination, no shut downs, no masks. (USA vax rollout Jan 2021)
b) The period on the right is after vaccination (52% vaccinated)
Notice that the deaths increase after the implementation of the the new pandemic policies.

The number of deaths since the vaccination have not gone down and have at least doubled in the USA (60% fully vaccinated) . 

Whereas a country with low vaccination rates, India (34%); their deaths are falling as you can see in the image below. Compare the periods between the image of the USA vs the image of India.

The delta variant is the virus version in both countries so you cannot say that the difference is between variants. In addition, the facilities in India are good but the USA are better. How come India is doing so much better?

In  Summary

In the above factual data, a country without the vaccine is far better off than a country with the vaccine. How can this be and how can the problem be an issue of the unvaccinated?

The spike and decline in deaths is explainable in so many ways but in the manner in which the writer has reported their observations, the reader is encouraged to conclude that the vaccine has succeeded.
But this is misleading as it is only one possible scenario where there are many more possibilities.

A section from the link:

(1) Going from 6,600 Covid Deaths to 600 per week needs to be understood because it is not as it is interpreted. 

a) People with a very compromised immune system would succumb to covid very quickly. This would be the largest group. When this group disappeared you would notice a decline in deaths. At this stage a stronger layer of residents are left and as factors wear against them, they too would fail.

And take the fact that USA has more deaths today than before the vaccine, and you have a compelling argument that the vaccine isn't actually causing a reduction in deaths and if the vaccine isn't reducing deaths then the unvaccinated are not the problem. A lack of natural immunity is.

Email asking for more information. 07/12/2021 - 13:11 hrs

Conversation with CARM

7/12/2021: 12:30

I had a good talk with a lady from CARM and here is what we discussed.

Q: Why is the issue the unvaccinated?

A: The idea is that the unvaccinated have more chance of ending up in hospital so therefore we are excluding them from activities. A reasonable idea. However, the vaccinated are capable of the same infection and transmission of the virus. But if they can come out and get businesses functioning, that is a big help.

A: Having an unvaccinated person around your home is worrying. However both vaxxed/unvaxxed have the same infection and transmission rates. 


If you consider that a vaxxed person who has just come back from holiday is safer to be in your home than an unvaccinated person, then you are misleading yourself.

However, because you are vaxxed you are less likely to end up in hospital and take up a bed.

MY TAKE: If I am un-vaxxed, I can develop natural immunity whereas the vaccinated do not appear to develop natural immunity and require the mRNA boosters. These boosters wear off and your chances of hospitalisation return to normal. As a naturally immune person my immunity can continue to develop. Natural immunity covers you for the entire virus whereas the mRNA protein  spike immunity concept only covers you for the spike. You are not protected from variants and in the case of Omicron, it would appear as if the vaccine provides no particular protection, so you are at this moment, a hospital-susceptible individual, irrespective of your vaccination status.

The mRNA injection does not:

  • give you immunity
  • reduce your ability to transmit the virus
  • protect you from variants

Omicron is predicted to be everywhere by the 18/1/2022 and the current mRNA injection does not protect you. The idea that the problem is the unvaccinated is at best a theory and one that, if continued, is going to cause multiple problems.

FACTS: The Irish Times - 54% of hospital patients with virus are fully vaccinated. (Link)

Some of the people we lost to the virus.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

go dtí go gcasfar le chéile sinn arís


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The idea: 'The issue is the unvaccinated"

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