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I am not going to the Wellington march.

Covid has given everyone the opportunity to work out who they are.

Me… I trust in nature. I believe that my family got me here. Through thousands of years of troubles, my family has given me the best they had and it is up to me to look after myself as best I know how.

I have studied health a great deal and taken on a daily process of living healthily. When a doctor suggests that I take a particular drug, I look at it very carefully and I am not always going to take what is prescribed. My mum had me at the time of the thalidomide drug rollout, which caused seriously bad results, and luckily for me, she would not take the drug. It is part of who I am and a mother's lesson to her child must not be forgotten. So instead of taking a drug that has not been tested, I must and will follow my mum's example and say no to experimental drugs. Luckily for me, I am healthy. I eat healthily, exercise, and avoid things that may cause me progressive harm. For example, I do not drink tap water. It can have chemicals in it which, over time, build up and accumulate in your body. It will have an affect one day, as will any drug. Ask your doctor.

We are all driven by self preservation. Totally understandable but we do not have the right to expect others to sacrifice their health for ours. If you feel safer taking the vaccine then you can do that. But if I feel safer by not taking the experimental drug, then what makes you think that my belief is any less valid than yours?

You can say that the vaccines are safe, but on a daily basis, we are seeing the failure of the drugs in that they do not provide long term protection and they also have adverse effects. Whereas natural immunity is working and has long term benefits.

Vitamin D and Zinc, an essential mineral that your body cannot make on its own, are two natural nutritional requirements that are very low in most people, but it is these items that provide the protection that everyone needs. Take them, as they WILL help you build a better natural immune system.

I am not going on the Wellington Freedom March because I realise that my best use of time is to finish my software and help people by releasing suitable technology.

Covid is hopefully over in 2022. Nature has resolved the Delta variant with the Omicron variant, a very mild version of the virus. But we have seen how bad our leaders and health departments rationalisation has been. What else can you expect from science? It's all just a big experiment to them.

Covid-19 is a sign of things to come. Prepare now and next time, be ready.

Life is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself. It is time to work out who you are, who you want to be, and how you are going to get there.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The truth shall set you free. If you keep doing the same thing but expect a different result, then you need to change what you do.

Kia Kaha