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Adverse Reactions - Last Updated 6/12/2021: 7:12 am

This is a dedicated page for people who have suffered adverse reactions to the mRNA injection.

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'Operation Warp Speed' by ex-president 'd trump' motivated science to offer their best guess at solving SARS-CoV-2, which was a new technology called mRNA. 
Indemnified from prosecution if it all went wrong, they were able to release this technology that looked promising, but was untried and unproven.

Short term tests were initiated and results looked good. It has since been reported that these tests may have been compromised and that the reported accuracy that gained the emergency approval for use may be at question.

Long term tests have not been conducted, and there is talk about the idea that the drug manufacturers will control these tests and the subsequent reporting of the results of these tests.

Meanwhile, many people are suffering adverse effects due to the vaccine.

Currently in New Zealand, there are more deaths and long term medical issues occurring due to the vaccine than to the virus.

This page documents the people's experience.









Stories copied from above links:

Knee Injury

From Ben, an Aussie living in NZ 

“Firstly this isn’t a sympathy post or post of conflict. This is an awareness post. I am wanting people to know that this does happen to people that you know. If it has happened to you, then you should feel comfortable in speaking out so the health professionals are more aware.

I would like to voice that I understand everyone has individual views. I do not wish to push anyone away from their own choice, I’m am simply expressing my current diagnosis /experience from being administered my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine.

Post injection I experienced some flu like symptoms. Headaches, cold sweats and fatigue(which are common side affects) I began getting stabbing like pain in the middle, slight left from the centre of my chest. They were dull but definitely there.
I had also lent on my left knee somehow causing a major swelling in my leg. Abnormal amount of swelling as I have never had this before.

None of this worried me till my knee started to swell quite badly and my chest pain was becoming frequent. Miki had phoned healthline and they told me to get straight to hospital. We raced straight down and had all the testing/scans carried out. Everything came up clear but was advised that my heart was possibly being irritated by the vaccine. Prescribed medication, mostly for the swelling in the knee, and headed home. Only to return if symptoms worsened.

3 days later in the afternoon I began to experience constant chest pain and shortness of breath, especially while laying down. After a few hours passed with the pain, leg still swollen and I was back down to the hospital. Another lot of tests done which came up clear and checked by a different doctor. I explained all symptoms I was suffering and I was advised my heart was suffering from Pericarditis from the vaccine. Another lot of medication and sent on my way home with this abnormally sharp chest pain.

I then saw my GP on on the 6th day who ran the tests again and saw a slight abnormality in my ECG results to confirm I was diagnosed correctly. Explaining again, if symptoms worsen or veins begin to rise in my leg to then to reach medical help.

The following morning my leg couldn’t hold my body weight and I had a varicose vein popping out from behind my knee travelling 5cm upwards and sticking out by 1cm. We immediately called the ambulance and when they arrived the vein had gone back to normal. (Unfortunately in the panic we didn’t get a photo)
Once again machines and tests carried out which were clear. The paramedics notified my local Hospital and they simply said 
“If the vein is gone and his vitals are clear we don’t need to see him”
The paramedics seemed concerned and personally advised us to travel to a bigger hospital. So in the car we went for an early morning trip of 2.5hrs.

Arriving at Emergency, tests were carried out which were all clear. I then had a Dr X sit down and ask me why I was there. I explained “my chest pain and swollen leg”.  She explained that she had looked over all my tests and they were clear, as I tried to explain my worsening condition with new symptoms eg; the vein in my leg and pitting edema (signs of blood clots) she cut me off saying “your tests are fine, there is nothing wrong with you, you are probably stuffing these side affects from “anxiety” and there is nothing I can do for you” 

Disregarding the fact that I was told if I experienced any of these current symptoms to seek emergency help as this could possibly be a blood clot. 

I had to push to ask for a D-dimer test and received a very quick ultra sound on my leg. 
Due to those test coming up clear Dr X told me the clot was most likely broken down in my system, to stop all medication because my current diagnosis of “pericarditis” was incorrect and that nothing was wrong with me. I was sent home with a new diagnosis of “anxiety”. I was feeling very unsettled, without answers and confused to how I could get so many different opinions… I didn’t know who to believe. 

This was the most humiliating experience to be told I was just anxious and that my symptoms were in my head.. my question at the time was if she was so certain that anxiety was the cause of these horrific symptoms.
Why didn’t she help me resolve that issue? 
Im not the first person with this same experience.
Dr X then told me to leave the hospital whilst in pain.

The following day an appointment with my GP, he again confirmed my ECG results show different readings from each test which indicated acute pericarditis. he explained that reactions like these are unexplainable, happing to those who are healthy, I am unlucky and is an uncertain sort of treatment because it’s a new product they are also dealing with. An honest answer from a doctor means a hell of a lot more then being told you are suffering from anxiety because they don’t know the answers. Dr X only looked at my results at the current time and did not compare with previous ECG scans. Dr X simply didn’t want to deal with my pain because she didn’t know the answers.

After a week long ordeal of 3 hospital visits, 2 ambulance calls and a call to health-line, I was still not taken in for monitoring. Even with signs of blood clotting.
I am immensely grateful for my GP and the ambulance service who listened to me, believed me, and provided me with reassurance when all other systems failed me. 

I am appalled with the New Zealand health system/gov. Restricting our lives till we get this vaccine and when we do and it goes wrong, most were unwilling to listen or help.

I did what was asked of me to protect myself and others and when it went wrong the system failed me hugely.

I am still experiencing chest pain & swelling in my knee but with medication and rest I am recovering very slowly.

I am NOT “antivax” I have personally chosen to voice my experience to be transparent with everyone as I believe this is hugely lacking, causing immense uncertainty around the vaccines.
Share my story, as anxiety isn’t the issue 🙏🏼”