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The Problem is both the vaxxed and unvaxxed and here is why

The evidence from around the world shows that the vaccinated are less likely to have a serious illness from Covid-19 whilst the vaccine is effective. You are still able to contract and spread the disease, so in this context, there is no actual difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed according to many studies.

But there is also evidence to support that some people without vaccination, are capable of managing Covid-19 with little to no trouble.

This results in four classifications of people:

  1. Unvaxxed and immune effective
  2. Unvaxxed and immune-compromised
  3. Vaxxed and immune-effective
  4. Vaxxed and immune-compromised
FACT: Without question, if you are in the group 'Unvaxxed and immune compromised', you should get the mRNA injection, as statistically it is your best strategy for survival and protecting everyone else. This is an absolute solid fact and no amount of protest or analysis will change this.

These classifications give rise to two new classifications of 'Immune Effective' and "Immune Compromised".

Immune Effective

Immune effectiveness comes from the fact that your immune system is capable of defeating the virus before it becomes damaging to your health. It is a FACT that this can be achieved in three ways:

  1. mRNA injection (talked about as if it is a vaccine but it is not yet proven to be one)
  2. True Vaccination (weakened pathogen presented to the immune system for processing)
  3. Natural Immunity

A) mRNA Pros and Cons

The injection prepares any person's immune system in the safest most controlled way to handle the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So irrespective of your natural immunity, the mRNA injection is a 'safer' path for anyone who is not aware of their immunity or whose immunity is compromised. However, this immunity comes with problems:

  1. It is not a guarantee
  2. Its effectiveness reduces over time and requires ongoing booster shots
  3. There can be serious side effects due to the injection of the mRNA serum
  4. The ongoing process of booster shots increases your chances of serious side effects at each injection
  5. It could stop your natural immunity from becoming effective
  6. The ongoing costs in time, money and resources are unsustainable (see notes on "The Sustainability Issue" below)

B) True Vaccination

We have a lot of history with true vaccines and they are very effective at achieving controlled natural protection against pathogens. This is by far the most preferred method of vaccination BUT you must realise, Covid is a coronavirus that is similar to the flu. In all the years of research, we have never perfected a flu vaccine and this is important to take on board. Just because we have a pandemic and we need to hurry; developing a true vaccine that wipes out SARS-CoV-2 will take a miracle. To achieve such a vaccine you would also have to cure 'the common cold' and that is unlikely to ever happen. Viruses mutate and the target is forever changing. But on a high note, we did somehow eliminate SARS-CoV-1. Not with vaccines though, as one was never developed for that disease. It was contained and just naturally disappeared.

C) Natural Immunity

Do you succumb to the flu each year? Do you get sick? Have you got a medical condition that requires you to take drugs on a regular basis? If the answer is 'yes', then take a closer look at your diet. Natural immunity comes from four specific factors:
  1. What you eat and drink
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep quantity and quality
  4. Resolution of issues
Natural Immunity is a big topic. As a society, we have totally let the ball slip away on natural immunity. We are in a 'bad food and habit' cycle that is creating seriously "out of control" endemic health issues. No sooner will we solve Covid-19 than we will find yet another disease that is affecting our hospital bed availability, overcrowding our doctor surgeries, and causing the public purse strings to be forever open trying to control the growing issues.

Society has been in the grips of an endemic issue for many years and instead of us learning and improving, we are going in the exact opposite direction.
We have not been eliminating the issues as they become clear. Our public health system is constantly being asked to clean up the problems created by food manufacturer profitability innovation and a constantly declining general population health.

The top thirteen ' self-inflicted' killers of society are:

  1. Insulin resistance: A condition that is considered a precursor to type 2 diabetes
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Hypertension: High blood pressure
  4. Dyslipidemia: High blood lipid levels, such as high cholesterol
  5. Cardiovascular disease
  6. Stroke
  7. Arthritis
  8. Sleep apnea: A sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops for short periods of time
  9. Gallbladder disease: Such as gallstones or cancer
  10. Hyperuricemia: High uric acid levels and gout
  11. Osteoarthritis: Degenerative joint disease
  12. Certain types of cancer: Such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer, as well as gallbladder cancer
  13. Depression

Each condition is highly influenced by long-term nutritional choices and lifestyle. 

So when it comes to the idea that your natural immunity is going to save you from Covid-19, you will need to truly understand what makes your immune system work and focus on how to improve your immunity.


This condition exists in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed. The vaxxed still contract the virus, can incubate it, spread it, and cause further infections. It's is all a question of understanding what the statistics actually mean. For example, saying that a vaxxed person is 30 times (not a fact just a figure) less likely to infect others is meaningless when you take into consideration that out of every 30 vaxxed people, one can be infectious and this person can infect everyone else. For example, a stadium is filled with 10,000 vaxxed people and at the door, there is a single security guard who has been unknowingly infected with Covid-19. Potentially 333 people at this venue could become infected and as they move through society, they spread the disease. It is still a very bad outcome and saying that the problem is the unvaxxed is seriously failing to understand the issues. 

That said though, the vaxxed are proven to be less likely to develop a serious illness or require hospitalisation, so the policy of vaccination still applies in the immune-compromised.

If you are not immune-compromised, then you can still contract the virus, may infect others, but statistically, you will recover.

The Sustainability Issue

Is it sustainable to continually get the mRNA booster shots? The only way to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 is:
  1. If all the world population becomes immune through any method
  2. Your population become naturally immune
If you constantly maintain the population's booster shots the facts are that even with the mRNA injection, a high percentage of the population will constantly succumb to the disease at some time in their life. That covid death will still be a daily psychosis of society.


The only long-term solution is the development of natural immunity within society and this will require governments to mandate healthier food regulations.

The battle over the vaxxed or unvaxxed is just a distraction from the real issue which is the lack of focus on our declining food and health standards. You can jab all you like. Statistically, people are going to suffer from Covid-19 until such time as each of us takes responsibility for our own health. Do it today:

  1. Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet
  2. Learn to eat healthily
  3. Exercise
  4. Solve mental health issues
  5. Love life
So for this reason, I do not have the mRNA injection and I am getting on with developing my natural immunity. I will continue to promote what I do to achieve this at this blog site.

Be kind people. This is neither the fault of the vaxxed or unvaxxed, so let's focus on the real issue: Improve your health.