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The Mental Health Foundation

So why am I resisting the mRNA injection? Soon I feel NZ will mandate the vaccination due to the increase in infections that will occur due to Aucklanders being released from lockdown on the 15 December 2021.

I need to know my psychology and why I am resisting. I have tried talking with counselors on phone number 1737 but all I do is end up expanding their knowledge and them reconsidering their own stand on the matter.

So I will call the Mental Health Foundation.

I am not concerned with my immediate safety, but if and when a mandate kicks in, I will be extremely concerned.

I would consider it to be a life-threatening action and I am not going to be convinced easily. I will resist and in that moment, I will somehow be breaking the current laws. I am a defence trained, well balanced person and have a lot of self control so I may be able to minimise my resistance. My concern is for other people who will take offence and resist without limit. Next minute they have an assault charge that will stay with them for life. Not only this, but a person who is forced to take an experimental injection; to them it will be the same as rape. If their loved ones are also forced, it will be a devastation that will leave a scar for a very long time and traumatize many people involved. 

I have more concern over this than I do over Covid-19.

So what is the strategy?

1. Phone the Mental Health Foundation. Done >

They said phone your doctor. What a waste of time. I did not get to process any further part of this approach.

2. My questions:

  1. Am I sane?
  2. According to the health department I have a right to choose my medical treatments. This does not seem to be a right that is being upheld.
  3. How should I reconcile my conflicting research with that of the Government?
  4. What is the common mental issue of an antivaxxer?

Our Rights as at 29-11-2021

I see I can lodge a complaint at this link: