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The basis for the attack on the people who are waiting for the long term safety check of the mRNA trials

 I am preparing a case against the NZ Government regarding the vaccine passports, based on:

  1. The intention of the passports is described as a method to protect the Vaccinated from infection from the Unvaccinated
  2. But the fact is that the vaccinated are still infectious and can transmit the virus. 
  3. Under the vaccination passport plan, Infected Vaccinated can and will infect the Vaccinated.
  4. Gatherings of the vaccinated are going to create mass infections.
  5. This will result in the vaccinated infecting the vulnerable.
  6. Concluding to the policy is actually: 
    1. Going to cause more infections
    2. Unfairly treat the naturally immune (know as the unvaccinated)
  1. A mutated version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has now been identified
  2. Considered to have possibly evolved from an immune-compromised person who may have incubated the original virus to a highly mutated strain
More to follow.

Below is the post I am working on but it may yet be irrelevant now.

Transcript: between Derek Cheng and NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Youtube Ref:

Detail: PM Jacinda Ardern (JA) tells NZ Herald’s deputy political editor Derek Cheng (DC) about the freedoms the unvaccinated will miss out on and how NZ will look under the new “traffic light” system. Full story:


Ref 001: DC: So you basically see this is going to be like, well, it's almost like, you probably don't see like this, the two different classes of people if you're vaccinated or if you're unvaccinated, you have all these rights if you are vaccinated?

Ref 002: JA: That is what it is, so yep, yep!

Ref 003: DC: Can you describe, as you were previously hoping not to have to do that I guess, when we still look like we could maintain elimination across the whole country I guess that has now changed because... 

Ref 003: JA: I think it was least less because necessarily of the elimination determining that, and more because we, of course, uh maintained and actually we have managed, very high vaccination rates generally without the use of certificates, but actually what it's become clear to me is that they're not just a tool to drive up vaccinations, they're a tool for confidence. 

Ref 004: JA: People who have been vaccinated will want to know that they're around other vaccinated People. 

Ref 005: JA: They want to know that they're in a safe environment. 

Ref 006: JA: It is a way that we can give confidence to those who are going back into hospitality or events and so that is something that I think we should offer to people who have been vaccinated that confidence that we're doing everything we can to keep them safe and that they can come back out and start enjoying those things safely.


Ref 007: JA: So it's a tool for business too, so two variables, so you can see in September we released some modeling which is really sensitive to even minor changes.

Ref 008: JA: And that roughly, um, those baselines we've assumed that the baseline settings, that those models that the modeling uses, is essentially your orange setting. 

Ref 009: JA: That's why we built in a red, and it's why we've said we'll use localised lockdowns as extra tools as well, because that tells you that you've got a better chance of keeping your, getting your under one, if you need to really try and bring case numbers down. 

Ref 010: JA: But the other variable is a vaccination for children. 

Ref 011: JA: You can see in all of, all of the modeling, says what a massive difference it makes particularly for a young country like ours, 90 percent of eligible vaccinated people is about 75-76% of our total population.

Ref 012: JA: We are young and so once we have the safe approval to use that vaccine it will make a big difference to our ability to minimise and protect. 

Ref 013: JA: With modeling we always have the ability to project to a certain degree into the future but there'll also be things that will be obvious. 

Ref 014: JA: If you straight off the back see that you've got cases that have entered into a particular community you get a high there are things like we can use the signs we can see the mesh populator to see if that's a low vaccine community we'll know that straight away so we'll know the likelihood of it really taking off. 

Ref 015: DC: yeah 

Ref 016: JA: The other thing is you can quickly look at your positivity rate as well if you're testing showing that you're getting a lot of positives out of there ......uum...... 

Ref 017: DC: Kind of an incentive for those communities too, right so if I'm the young Maori and I don't want to lockdown

Ref 018: JA: Yeah 

Ref 019: DC: I can see how expert is really like just going around

Ref 020: JA: Yeah yeah yeah we run the risk of being locked down absolutely yeah

Ref 021: DC: and if I'm a business I don't want that uncertainty 

Ref 022: JA: You're gonna but it also that's the thing, we want to try and drive a really community-based focus.

Ref 023: JA: It is in businesses' interest to try and support vaccination in their community as well and local governments who generally have been great, a couple of patches.

Ref 024: JA: This is why we've got this dual need at the moment so Aucklanders I hear and agree that they need to be able to move, we just want to ensure that safely because the rest of the country are saying well we haven't quite got our vaccination rates where you are.

Ref 025: JA: We're not ready to flip into a new set of settings, we want to stay safe and we want to keep stamping out covid, so the way to balance those two competing needs is to use vaccinations.

Ref 026: JA: In my view, any death of an unvaccinated person is a potentially preventable one, potentially you know, we know that there's nothing that's absolute, but I just want to make sure that everyone has the protection provided by that vaccine and so that is why we are driving so hard on it. 

Ref 027: JA: At the same time recognising that we have to, uh, acknowledge and give movement back to the people who are vaccinated because they have gone out and done that and now they're waiting to be able to move again. 

Ref 028: JA: So that's why that is the balance we are trying to strike