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Scared, concerned, worried? Ph free 1737 so I did...

"I don't know how I fit into society any more? I am losing my job, family, friends, income, credibility, profession..." I said to the psychologist on the MOH mental health line. He replied "Actions have consequences. If you want to stay unvaxxed you have to accept the consequences",  a very unusual approach to mental health, I thought. Blaming the person who did nothing wrong has become the new therapy. We, the un-mRNA injected, are now the 'cause' of Covid-19 and it has become personal. Those of us who are unvaxxed are being made to pay a significant social price for something we didn't do. That appears to be the official verdict and this mental health help line was just another way of encouraging people to accept the rhetoric and get jabbed. I didn't feel any better after our talk.

What is it that drives people crazy?
Is it fear? Perhaps it's the uncertainty of things. When things don't seem right to us, we ask questions and what we are looking for are credible answers that make sense to us. As a respondent, you can either answer the question or change the belief. That is the science of psychology and science has a way of presenting itself as fact as opposed to the process of trial and error.

But science is experimentation. The thrill of discovery and being recognised as a genius by your peers. That 'genius' accolade is addictive. It can be both given, and, at great personal cost, taken away. There is a lot of ego involved in being right and a heck of a big fall from grace if you are wrong. It can affect the present and all eternity for you and your family so you would never want to be wrong. Hold that thought as we unfold a few truths.

So a virus somehow gets out into society. Is it the fault of nature or science?
It's a 50/50 possibility and at this moment who do we put in charge of the investigation? 
Nature can't do the investigation and if you aren't a scientist, how are you ever going to understand the topics?
So science will take the lead at investigating itself, but would scientists ever admit that they made a mistake and suffer the cost? If science was found to be at fault the consequences could be:
  • Research is set back many years
  • More checks and balances required
  • Slow developments
  • Scientists would lose funding
  • Heads would roll
Science NEEDS to prove that the virus came from nature, else it faces considerable consequences. 
Plausible-denial is all that is required to refocus everyone into a belief and in this case, science is in charge of the discussion. Even better if the organization who caused it was able to take the lead.

Plausible-denial, a time tested psychology and after all, psychology is science.

'Wear a mask and vaccinate'. That's what science would repeat, repeat, repeat... and from then on, the problem is always going to be deflected from science and become the fault of people not wearing a mask, and the unvaccinated.

Dr Fauci has contributed a great deal to the cure of autoimmune diseases  there is no question about this. His reputation is world renowned and he has won many accolades. He is an active player in the research of viruses and vaccines and has a lot at stake. He is quite possibly the most recognized scientist of today. 

But in the debate over science vs nature, would you put one of the suspects in charge of their own investigation?
There are two stages to any disease; prevention and cure. I have found no evidence to suggest Dr Fauci is involved in prevention. At no time have I seen him mention 'natural immunity'? 
He appears to be focused on deploying the new science of mRNA technology only.
What about vitamin D deficiency? Would this significantly contribute to respiratory disease?
Take a look at this peer-reviewed report that shows a definite connection between vitamin D deficiency and respiratory health. We definitely have a vitamin D deficiency in society.

What about the global increases in fructose consumption. Would this contribute to the issues?

If Covid-19 is solved by science, great, but at what cost? 
Whilst we all get forced into thinking science is the answer, you have to ask the question "What if science is wrong?". What if Covid-19 is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come? You can observe the short term results as much as you like. Long term results take time which in all the trials of mRNA, I have found nothing to show success. In the meantime, you may like not to put all your eggs into one basket, because it may yet prove to be an expensive, fatal error. 

The vaxxed think that they are not infectious or capable of spreading the virus but the facts state otherwise. No sooner is the truth published, than the government seems to ignore what other authorities are saying. There is no requirement on vaxxed people to be tested and yet they are just as capable of infecting and being infected as the unvaxxed. 

I guess we will know the answer when Aucklanders (who are currently locked down) get to roam NZ next month (15 December 2021). 

Learn to be healthy because I think we are about to see a significant increase in infections. 
I wonder if the unvaxxed will be blamed and if so, what will that look like?

I wonder exactly WHY we are putting all our eggs into one basket? 
Has the MOH at any time suggested that we improve our health, increase vitamin D, drop sugars? 
I have seen nothing of this science. Only DR Fauci's model has been rolled out. 

I have been in hospital cafes and wards. The food served seems diabetically inconsiderate, to say the very least.

Spanish flu > nutrition
Diabetes > nutrition
Influenza > nutrition 

'The lesson keeps presenting itself until the lesson is learnt'
  • Drop fructose (sugars)
  • Say 'no' to vegetable oil
  • Remove processed foods
  • Eat healthily
  • Do not drink your calories
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Tax sugar as this is a source of present and future health issues that cannot be sustained.

Statistics (excluding comorbidity)