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Hypothesis 1: Why is there resistance to natural immunity?

Unfortunately, this interview indicates a total lack of understanding of the unvaccinated point of view, as well as a lack of understanding of important research that shows both are as infectious. It appears that the human rights violations are driven by 'feel good' reasoning only and not fact. Leaders need to have balance and recognise all sectors of the community including the minorities. This reasoning is not factual.

Just so we are clear, a hypothesis is 'an idea or theory that is not proven but that leads to further discussion or study'. What follows is a hypothesis. Just consider it and let's see what unfolds in time.

After 2 years of research and many conversations with many, many experts and laypeople, I am still no closer to understanding why the following ten points are true and I want to put an idea together based on some factors. It is a theory only and will evolve, so expect changes to this.

  1. The government controls the rhetoric on Covid-19 and facts from other governments and research institutes are not being reasonably presented.
    Rhetoric = "language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable"

  2. Even though science may be to blame for the creation of SARS-CoV-2, they are in charge of the 'solution' and the investigation as to where it came from. In particular, DR Fauci, the person who may have had the greatest influence in the development of the virus.

  3. Natural immunity is not being looked at by any government department that I can find, even though we know the population is deficient in Vitamin D, a key vitamin required to maintain natural health in many areas, including respiratory health and disease recovery. This is alarming.

  4. 12 year olds are not at risk, but are being indoctrinated into the vaccine system and have been given rights to make the decision of vaccination without parental consent. If they don't vaccinate they are bullied at school and are losing their ability to stay at school. Not much of a choice and  most 12 year olds are not able to research their rights easily. Look how hard it has been for me and I am an analyst!

  5. mRNA 'vaccination' is not sustaining long term efficacy, and booster shots are required on an increasing frequency. This factor is being hidden in my opinion.

  6. Adverse effects from the mRNA injection are considerable but being ignored. In particular myocarditis which could require heart transplants later in life.

  7. The 'vaccinated' are being told that the problem is the 'un-vaccinated' even though both groups are equally infectious. Ref 1:

  8. In the statistical accumulation of data, erroneous assumptions are being made:
    1. PCR tests are not reliable and influenced the statistical analysis
      Ref 2:

    2. If a death occurs and the individual is found to have Covid-19 (via an unreliable PCR test), it is deemed to be that they died of Covid-19, even if they had comorbidity, a traffic accident, or passing due to misadventure. This overstates the mortality rate and skews projections.

  9. "No Jab, No Job" is a violation of human rights. People are being coerced into getting the injection. Coercion is abhorrent and illegal, and for a government to use this strategy requires them to break every value we have striven to acquire.

  10. "No Jab, No Access" is a further violation of human rights but is being insidiously introduced.

    The end result of this campaign is similar to Apartheid, with the opposing parties being vaxxed and unvaxxed.

I am going to stop there. The list goes on but there are enough parts of the puzzle to form my hypothesis 1.

So what do I think is going on?

First let me clear something up.

Our New Zealand Government has always been supportive. 
They have been generous and truly helped as best they could. 
They have done things that are over-the-top but you need to realise that in their view, a mistake in the assessment of the seriousness of Covid-19 could be catastrophic.  Our Prime Minister tries to please the victims, which in this case, she sees them as the vaccinated. I understand the over-enthusiastic approach. The unvaccinated are like the mosque shooter she will never say the name of. It almost seems like we the unvaccinated have had emotional transference from that event.

But let's look at the figures. My assessment of our vulnerable population sits at approximately 30% of  5,000,000 people = 1.5 million. We have managed to keep Covid-19 at bay but it won't last forever. SARS-CoV-2 can spread like wildfire and if just 1% of the vulnerable were to be hospitalised, that would be 15,000 beds overnight. That is our entire hospital bed availability gone. If it was 2%, it is unsustainable and it is a huge concern.

Ref 2: 

I understand why they will take no personal beliefs into consideration and pseudoscience is just a huge risk. I promote natural immunity, but to be honest, people are people. They have very little discipline and food is a love and we love our food. So only the lucky are going to be able to participate in natural immunity, which in itself is subjective and very difficult to identify.

The effects of the Government's overbearing approach has put a lot of noses out of joint but I have listened to everyone and in my opinion, I found that the Government has deployed the best strategy for our people with the exception of violating human rights.

The same with the support staff of all the various agencies and departments I have conversed with. This includes the Police, Parliament, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Primary Industries, Auckland University, Healthline, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Chemists, and a great many staff. All have been truly helpful to the best of their abilities. My deepest appreciation to you all.

This is the first hypothesis based on the summary of findings.

Hypothesis 1 - 24/11/2021:

  1. Gain of function research, supported by DR Fauci's dedication and official directive, to solve the world's virus issue, created the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in late 2019 it escaped the Wuhan Laboratory.
  2. It spread quickly around the world because of holiday and business travelers from Wuhan and other Chinese provinces.
  3. Being highly infectious, the virus spread quickly to anywhere that these travelers went, as well as anywhere that unknowing close proximity contact passengers were traveling to.
  4. It took the world by surprise and Doctors did not yet know how to treat it, resulting in a spike of mortality.
  5. It being a virus similar to the 2002-2004 outbreak of SARS-CoV-1, health authorities recognised the symptoms and news spread quickly that we have a very serious Pandemic on our hands.
  6. Operation 'Warp Speed' which gave indemnity to anyone who created a solution, enables the experimental mRNA serum to be promoted without the usually necessary 'long term tests'.
  7. This lack of long term testing raises concern with 'anti-vaxxers' (understandably) and strategists are called upon to work out how to get the public to accept the solution.
  8. DR Fauci is under the spotlight. He has an exemplary career and has without doubt, saved millions of lives, and been the hope of the future of the world's present and future health problems.
  9. He has no choice but to establish a plan, based on probable outcomes. He needs to somehow get everyone on the planet to take the matter seriously, else we could be talking millions of deaths, every year, for many years to come. Hence the mask and Jab evolution.
  10. This virus is capable of infinitely mutating with 'gain-of-function' technology, so this is not something that will just 'go away'.
    Ref 3: 
  11. DR Fauci is not the enemy but he is aware and is now caught up in trying to explain his position. He has set himself up as a scapegoat unless he can blame nature.
  12. DR Fauci becomes the WHO's main USA liaison and formulates the world's response to Covid-19.
  13. Governments scramble to address the Covid-19 issue. All the information comes from the WHO, and indirectly from DR Fauci.
  14. A Government that does not follow the recommendations of the WHO is opening itself up to scrutiny if their approach fails, so it is by far the best tactic to accept the recommendations without question.
  15. With the process of 5G being released, an opportunity arises to establish a solution to another growing problem. That of managing the population. Not in a nefarious way but imagine the improvement to society if everyone was able to be traced?
    1. Reduce - eliminate crime
    2. Fix traffic issues
    3. Compile immediate statistics
    4. Understand your population
    5. Serve people better with a unique identifier that enables agencies to understand the person they are trying to help
  16. This opportunity comes with everyone being required to have a vaccine passport.
  17. mRNA Vaccines are the opportunity to release this technology and establish the vaccine passport so therefore, everyone must have one or the opportunity will not work.
  18. Enter mandates and start the process from 12 years of age onwards.
  19. 0-12 tracing will be established along the way once people have become accustomed to the process.

A technique for balance is to live in the other persons world for a while so let's give it a go.
The vaxxed have an opinion as well so let me think as one for a day or two and then create Hypothesis 2.

Our world has changed. 

Perhaps it is time we recognised the difficulties we are all facing and realise we need to map our population better. I am a 30 year experienced programmer and software architect who deals with vast amounts of client data. It's not easy and it continues to become more complex as time progresses. I am always looking for a better way to serve our customers and I can only do this by evolving common systems of assistance.

A significant problem I have is that the requirements for long term study of the mRNA injection has  not been fulfilled. This is a solid fact that the vaxxed have not taken into consideration. Without doubt, mRNA technology is an amazing advancement in human endeavours and offers better health and resolution of diseases for many people who require it.

SARS-CoV-2 is very real. Overstated but real. However my next blog shows some amazing results in Japan with the drug Ivermectin and the possibility the virus is mutating to an end of its life. In which case, it's game over and all this has been a thankful waste of time.
I know that there is much talk about the Global Reset and Population Control but this could simply be achieved by adding compounds to the water supply or seeding clouds. I don't think it needs to be as complicated as inventing a virus, a vaccine, and shutting the world down.

This blog site has no motive other than to understand wtf just happened to our world. 
We need DR Fauci to continue his work in a guaranteed environment and we need to all work as one. This is not a drill. It is real life and the stakes are very high. We will never forget the human rights violations being mandated by our elected leaders as it is not just New Zealand that has this problem. 
To serve all is an honour bestowed and not a right to evoke dictatorship. "No Jab, No Job" is abhorrent.

To answer my question, the issue of natural immunity is simple. It is unreliable. It would require a huge shift in the population's mindset and habits, and that is simply not going to happen.

Think on it.

Where Did SARS-CoV-2 originate from?