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How many at Wellington Freedom March? 9/11/2021 Aotearoa - New Zealand

The film below is about 20 minutes long.

Voices for Freedom

My body, my choice

Unjabbed NZ Community

1947 Nuremberg Code 1947 - that we all used to be protected by until 'The Bill of Rights' changed it to what we have now, 'the government can decide'

please let me know who else was there.


  1. Hi there,
    This footage is fantastic!
    Please can I have permission to use segments of it for a music video intended to inspire NZers and people around the world to stand up for their sovereignty?

    1. Hi Muriel. This video holds the mana of the people who believe in human rights. If your music video supports their cause, I agree as long as the final product achieves the same message as the people intended. We need all the support we can get. Ian Stephenson

  2. Thank you Ian, and for your awesome mahi - My intent is to honour and grow the tribe of people who are standing up for our rights. Final result here -

    1. I love your work and your song is inspiring.
      You did the right thing to remove my comments.
      I wrote a new blog last night because I am very concerned that NZ is about to roll out more mRNA injections to our children and it needs to stop before it is too late. I have included your song at the footer by a poem I wrote. Please review and if you are unhappy with it being there I will remove it immediately.

    2. That's all good, thank you Ian. Important work.


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