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A review of the facts

  • In late 2019, before the world knows about SARS-CoV-2; my household contracts Covid-19 and experiences 'fever' symptoms.

  • We stay in bed, drink soup, recover in 14 days and fully recover within a month.

  • My household should now have T- cell immunity and have proven recovery capabilities.

  • Covid-19 becomes a 'Pandemic' when it is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the NZ Govt..

  • The World Health Organisation states that the majority of people will experience cold-like symptoms and recover.

  • The vulnerable are identified and this group will have major problems. My household is not part of this group.

  • Worldwide, people are dying because they cannot fight off the virus.

  • This is an immunity problem.

  • The disease appears to attack the immune-compromised.

  • Immunity comes from your Gut Biome

  • My household eats very healthily and we rarely get sick.

  • Many people do not eat healthily and additional factors affecting immunity are:-

    • Sugar consumption

    • Lack of vitamin D

    • Processed foods

    • Existing conditions

    • The use of medications

    • Exercise

  • I spend on average 2-4 hours every day following research on Covid-19. This research includes listening to concerns of conspiracy but not including it in the core of knowledge. My main focus is the understanding and management of the disease.

  • One thing I pick up on is social and individual anxiety where 'the sky is falling' mentality grips people's beliefs and understanding.

  • Governments get into gear and operate without recognition or apparent consideration of the World Health Organization's statement that the majority will only have mild symptoms.

  • PCR Tests are used to create the statistics. They are unreliable and create overstating results

  • Covid-19 deaths are to be overstated as well, in that, if a person dies of any cause but has a positive covid PCR test, they are statistically recorded as dying of Covid-19. This overstates the death rate by a significant amount.

  • The experimental mRNA vaccine injections are rushed through the approval process, 'Operation Warp Speed'.

  • The mRNA serums have only short term testing and because of panic and need, they are accepted as safe.

  • The are called a 'vaccine' but it is unknown if they actually are a true vaccine.

  • They show that they prevent death.

  • They do not stop the process of contracting and spreading the disease.

  • The general population do not appear to fully understand the situation.

  • Misinformation is created by pseudoscience and governments.

  • 'The problem is the unvaccinated', is wrong but becomes the rhetoric.

  • mRNA injections, booster shots, mask wearing, lockdowns and mandates become the pedaled solution.

  • The manufacturers and profiteering organisations become the analysts for Covid-19 and the effectiveness of the mRNA injections. 

  • Their focus appears to be about debunking anything that contradicts their product and business model.

  • Adverse side effects of the mRNA injections are ignored.

  • Long term studies usually required are absent in the promotion of 'the vaccine is safe' and emergency use of the mRNA injections are granted everywhere.

  • Because so many injections are rolled out, everyone becomes complacent and the volume of injections are used to give validation to the idea that, therefore, they are safe.

  • The fact is that all testing has not been done. The consequences if there are long term issues are considerable but this fact is ignored.

  • 'Vaccine' manufacturers now push to improve sales by including children in the rollout even though this group are proven not to be at risk.

  • Anxiety based decisions are made, and leaders decide it's a good idea.

  • Anyone who opposes the leadership decision is shut down.

  • Laws are rushed through to satisfy the erroneous statistics and anxiety-based decisions.

  • The issue of natural immunity is ignored by governments.

  • The Covid-19 disease continues in the vaxxed and unvaxxed but the unvaxxed are considered to be the problem, even though the problem is proven to be the issue of natural immunity.

  • mRNA Injections continue to create serious adverse effects in recognisable numbers, but this is also ignored.

  • Long term testing and results are still to be completed, but our governments ignore this in favour of the short term benefits.

  • Ivermectin proves it eliminates the virus but is ignored by developed countries until Japan authorises its use.

  • Japan gets Covid-19 under control as do several other countries

  • Draconian rule is still in play though and government officials still push for overbearing rules to force their ideas onto the public. This is fear driven and looks correct to many but remember, the long term tests of the mRNA Injections have not been complete. Until such times, the injection is an experiment and 'could' have long-reaching health and mortality effects.

  • No Jab, No Job policy rollout.

  • Coercion is used to constantly drive acceptance of government beliefs and the success of this coercion is used to promote how successful the government plans are.

  • Death from Covid-19 is significantly reduced but infections are still high.

  • Long term effects of the mRNA injections are still not known.

  • Vaccine companies push to sell more product for 0-12 year olds, even though the studies show this group is not at risk.

  • The industry becomes self-monitoring.

We should all be very concerned about the future.


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