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15 November 2021

The 'no jab, no job' mandate comes into force today. I guess this is just the beginning of a series of simplistic ideas to resolve Covid-19.
I say simplistic because although you may think it fixes one problem, mandates causes many many more problems than they try to solve. It appears you require a double blind study to prove that the mRNA technology does not perform long term where as an mRNA theory only requires someone to say it is true.

Example : 'The vaccines are safe', said by someone who reviews short term results but who does not know the long term effects.

New studies are showing concerning issues:

However, these are the sort of things that will be understood more when the standard 'long term effects' are researched (which they have not yet).

Meanwhile, the world is splitting into 3 groups of people:
Non-sympathetic mRNA injected
Sympathetic mRNA injected
Those who are not mRNA injected

I was talking with a very long term vaxxed friend of 45 years. He said;

"I don't understand why people don't think they have a choice? They can be vaxxed or unvaxxed. But choices have consequences."

I feel he is right. However coercion is being used to make people choose against their will. The vaxxed need to realise this, and we have gone to war over such things (coercion) in the past.

As for there being many experts who support the mRNA injections, there are also experts who disagree. It's not so much a numbers game. A Nobel prize is given to individuals which suggests that sometimes one person is capable of understanding things that many cannot.

The fact is: mRNA injections are experimental. Irrespective of how many short term tests are presented as proof of safety and result. As time progresses we are finding that the short term results are not matching the long term.

We all want a solution.
Every one of these drinks affects your health in a bad way (except plain filtered water)

After over 10 years of health research I feel the issues are:
Sugar (in particular, Fructose)
Processed foods and ingredients
Lack of Vitamin D
Shortages of other essential vitamins and minerals

These ingredients cause illness and comorbid conditions that even prior to Covid, were overtaxing the health system.

Today is a good day to start a new life.
Who do you want to be?