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1: Site will move into 'How to prepare for Covid-19'

I feel I have done all I can and I can see that things are about to become complex.

For those of you who are interested, I am going to add content about 'How to prepare for Covid-19' because I know that within 3-6 months, New Zealand, and probably the rest of the world, has to open up to living with Covid-19.

I appreciate that there are many directions being taken to try to resolve what appears to be an impossible situation. However, considering everything, I feel that good health is the key, whether you are 'vaxxed' or 'un-vaxxed', because studies show that irrespective of your position, you are still susceptible.


Simple Healthy Lunch Meal Prep

This video gives you a simple meal plan for 2-4 days

Additional Information on Meals

Understanding Ingredients