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What Doctors are Saying

No Jab, No Job...
This statement is exactly how Adolf Hitler created his elite, how the British took over India, and how apartheid occurred
Set one group of society against another and see what happens. 

Here are some other examples of this kind of reasoning that, based on the current model of government policy direction, would exist: "comment if you think me wrong". 

If you are overweight you are statistically a health hazard and could affect our business so we won't employ you.

If you have any health condition we wont employ you as you are a risk to our staff. You may be infectious.

It you are of any particular religion you cannot work here because your beliefs may conflict with our staff and cause a disruption.

How can you let a person lose their job, income, family support, life just because you think an experimental injection is a 'possible' solution? I am dismayed that there are people who would do this and think that this is acceptable. If you have the Jab, well done. You are just as infectious as anyone. Perhaps you may like to further identify the chosen ones by including " if you are comorbid, even fully vaccinated, you are still statistically likely to be a risk and a super spreader so you can't have a job either. Or travel, or visit restaurants.

Remember what the WHO have stated. 'Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment'.

"What does this all look like in 10 years time?". Can you tell me?
No one knows. It is a guess and therefore an experiment on healthy people. This was banned in 1947 and it is a war crime to force people to do so.
"Lest we forget" is exactly what this type of behaviour relates to.

People have the right to accept or decline the Jab. If you are immune compromised then it is your best hope (other than to live healthily). But to make it that you have to go through a procedure that may affect your health or even kill you; what is that other than torture?

Countries are opening up and learning to live with Covid. Be healthy, eat properly, exercise, stop smoking, drinking, take responsibility for your health. But take an experimental injection that requires frequent 'paid for' booster shots, where does that lead to?

These links show real doctors who have grave concern:

Discussion of the number of spike proteins being produced, the duration and where do they end up?

Blood Clots that supports the idea of  spike protein overload

This video minimises the realities and is so attractive to a younger audience.
It is this type of video that creates false impressions.
So full of statistical errors.

Scientist accepts adverse effects (deaths) from vaccine, just an inconvenience.
She talks of post mortems that will never happen.

How are injuries from the vaccine created?
Errors in official description of what happens with the mRNA . 
40,000,000,000 mRNA components inside each dose and billions of spike proteins being created that your body has to clear up

Some Scientists do not support the vaccine due to not enough research

Who is at risk of blood clots?

Covid response Doctors not wanting vaccine because of troublesome side effects

Fully Vaccinated are still being hospitalised. Masks, booster shots, no loosening of restrictions in USA

Vaccine efficacy reducing. Booster shots will be required forever.
People not knowing how to deliver the shot.

Aspiration, the correct method is very important

Very important!!! How to get the vaccine into your body.


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