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The problem is the Unvaccinated?

Time is running out. The world economy is in trouble as well as New Zealand's and this pandemic response is not sustainable. I think of all the families and individuals stuck in lockdown and as much as I have a specific belief, I need to try to see the issue from a different perspective.

I have studied this topic to the fullest extent I can think of. I have looked at it from every angle and put my research up for you to be able to follow my path and draw your own conclusions.

This is a study of history, science, medicine, psychology, food, nutrition, cellular biology, human biome, virus technology, mRNA, vaccines, immunity, economy, politics and the state of the world.

Somehow we have taken an amazing planet and in just 100 years or so, we broke it.  According to the Doomsday Clock, we are 100 seconds before our World is no longer habitable. To understand this; if the entire history of the planet was summed up in a 24 hour period and all the conditions factored in, we have, of that 24 hour period, only 100 more seconds left before the World fights back at the human population because to it, we are the virus!

Science is trying to help but even though we have over 59 specialist viral laboratories around the world conducting tens of thousands of experiments, dissecting and creating new viruses with gain of function technology built in; we are being asked to believe that this Corona super virus came about because a Pangolin and a Bat, crammed in a cage, waiting for slaughter at a 'wet market'; somehow created the virus! No wonder we are so distrusting of the information we keep receiving. 

FACT Over 80,000 animals were tested at the Wuhan Wet Market and not a single virus was found.


So was the virus man made with a purpose?
I don't know and this blog is not about that. It is a blog about how we defeat SARS-CoV-2 and to do that, you have got to know your real enemy. We won't get a second chance.

This one statement by The World Health Organisation makes us

realise that the vast majority of us would survive the virus

and I believe I already have. (Ref:

Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. However, some will become seriously ill and require medical attention. Older people and those with underlying medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. Anyone can get sick with COVID-19 and become seriously ill or die at any age. 

So why would I risk my wellbeing by getting a vaccine that HAS NOT HAD ENOUGH TIME TO PRESENT ALL THE ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE FROM IT? To do so is a risk. If you have not worked this out then you seriously need to reconsider.

The serious implication of the virus belongs to the people with a compromised immune system. Systems can be compromised by such things as:

  1. Taking prescription medicine
  2. Having an autoimmune disease
  3. Having a comorbid disease such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease..
  4. Poor diet
  5. Lack of vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and more
  6. Stress

and that is not me! 

I got a full medical last week and my health is perfect. I eat a super healthy diet, exercise, sleep and as I say, I am sure I have already had the virus right at the very start of the pandemic and so I have developed natural immunity. That is how I got this URL (, because I realised, when trying to work out what was wrong with me, that this was going to be big!

So I am certain that I am all good but there are two scenarios to consider:

SCENARIO 1: If your immune system is compromised, you are without question at huge risk.

SCENARIO 2: If you are fit, healthy, and feel your immune system is all you require, irrespective of your immunity level, you can still contract the virus, be asymptomatic (not show any signs of the disease) and become a super spreader. 

Both scenarios lead to the following events:

  1. Become infectious
  2. Incubate the virus and enable it to mutate into a super virus
  3. Take up emergency services resources
  4. Put people at risk of contracting and further spreading your new virus variant that they are not immune to
Both scenarios are problematic and need to be taken on board.

Natural immunity, although capable, it is very difficult for you to know if your immune system is up to the task of beating the virus. You will only know after you recover and that is too late.

So how many people fall into scenario 1? 

Considering just diabetes, New Zealand has @ 277,000 diabetics. This is a true calculation of diabetics under medical care. However this represents only 50% of the actual diabetics because many people who are diabetic do not know they are a diabetic yet. So that means approximately 600,000 people in New Zealand have diabetes. 

So if, say, 10% of these people were to become infected overnight and require hospitalisation, that would be 60,000 hospital beds filled. 

NZ has approx15,000 hospital beds, 25% of what is required just to accommodate at risk diabetics.
World Fact Book

FACT: We do not have enough hospital beds to manage a simple infection calculation of one of the risk groups, never mind all of them. The reality is that there are many people at risk who may require hospitalisation. If you or your child has an accident, forget getting fixed at hospital if an outbreak occurs. There won't be a spare bed.

Diseases never sleep. Every minute, someone somewhere is discovering that they have a disease they never knew they had.

Let me refocus this as it is important:

  1. Anyone could be at any stage of a disease. Your spouse, parents, children, you won't know
  2. Even if you are healthy, unvaccinated, you could/will contract the virus
  3. You may not show any signs
  4. You could/most probably will infect someone
Shocking to realise it but this is the bottom line; we are all in the same boat and connected to the problem irrespective of our immunity and belief.

(Did you know that the majority of diabetics are a result of diet related issues that are preventable?
Eat better, reduce/cut out sugars, breads, and refined carbs as a start to better health.)

Before I conclude this review, I want to have a rant.

The Pandemic is actually an 'Endemic' issue. Our general health is declining. People's natural immunity is on the decrease due to our increasingly poor diets, and money orientated time poor lifestyles. We are becoming a click 'n go culture where we are too busy to listen and look after our own kids so we farm them out as well as our dogs. Drop them off, pick them up, connect them to TV or technology and get on with our drinks. Our food comes in a bag that we pay $50 too much for because we are too busy and we rate food on flavour more than nutritional value.

Our kids cannot afford to buy a house. Wages are below proportion to our expenses, and education is now a long term financial debt. Prisoners are better treated than pensioners, the rights of groups are more important than individuals, and the only thing that matters is the latest app or phone. We allow our environment to be polluted for money, koalas to be on the endangered species list, and our kids are marching because adults have their heads stuck in the latest Netflix series to notice our world is failing around us. 

So many people are on their high horse thinking that the 'unvaccinated' are the problem. Yet I go into the supermarket, look at the terrible foods on the shelves, and see the people filling their trolleys up with it.  Kids are fed little more than lollies called chicken nuggets and noodles. Obese people are now our marketing models as they represent the shape of our average person and 50% of diabetics don't even know they are one. False advertising such as milk hidden from view in white plastic because it is no longer white milk, vegetable oil that contains no vegetables, and natural sugar is now replaced with a chemically produced substance called high fructose corn syrup which blocks vitamin D absorption. Such a critical element in our defence against Covid-19.

This pandemic is just the beginning. Once it is gone no doubt we will face another disaster.

This pandemic is not the fault of the people who look after their health. Covid-19 is quite possibly a problem like scurvy where the disease was caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet. Covid-19 is a nutritional problem. Learn your food. Stop drinking sugar/carbs. Eat properly and teach your kids the same. When they leave the nest, what food have you taught them to eat?

BUT now the answer. My objective has been to put a great deal of effort into this study. I have sacrificed time, money and opportunity to do this so know it has been very important and I don't take my conclusion lightly. I never put anything into my body that has not had a huge amount of scrutiny and the vaccine, it still has not passed the time test.

However, the answer is... you have to get the vaccine. Without it you could get seriously ill, die, and/or cause other people to die. You may survive covid-19 but will everyone else around you survive. I need to get the vaccine because if I don't, it somehow makes it ok for others to do the same. The problem is that they are not 100% healthy. They have underlying conditions and don't realise that they are at risk at being a super spreader.

You do not want that on your conscience because you don't know who you could infect. Do not delay.

Lockdowns are designed to stop the spread because with the spread, a lot of hospital beds are taken up and a lot of people die. We do not get a second chance at beating Covid-19.

I know we have thought we had the right idea with abstaining from vaccination but without vaccination, we pose a risk to others and we are seriously running out of time.

I will drop all action against the New Zealand Government in the morning. They have a very difficult job at hand and I trust them again. I notice National is touting the same strategy so it is nothing to do with party politics.

I have been willing to risk my life in my actions and now I am willing to risk my life for the safety of others because that is what it takes.

If you are an anti vaxxer, know that I am one of you but that I have done a huge review and irrespective that there is truth and lies in all directions, the only way we beat this is with all of us taking one for the team. This SARS-CoV-2 will not go away easily but if we join together and all trust the process, it will work. I cannot tell you the long term outcome, but the short term cannot be won without us all getting in behind our Government's plan.

To all the people who have followed this journey with me, thank you :)

Our economy needs rebuilding. I best get coding and book my vaccine.

Kia Kaha!