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Myocarditis and Pericarditis


This is a theory only at this moment (1/11/2021):

There are three places the mRNA injection can be placed:

  1. Muscle (where we want it)
  2. Fat (not as effective)
  3. Vein

We do not Aspirate the needle when injecting the serum and so in some cases, the mRNA serum does get injected into a vein. Rare, but it does happen. Reports suggest that when this happens, people can experience a metallic taste in their mouth within 30 seconds of the injection, but there are also other side effects. (Note it is also common to get the taste later on. It is only during the injection that the main concern is.)

FACT: If the patient gets this taste during the injection, as a precaution they should be referred to a cardiologist immediately as it can cause permanent damage.

If the serum ends up in a vascular system, this would mean the mRNA will populate the cells of the circulatory system and may cause issues that could include Myocarditis and Pericarditis.

To resolve this, aspire the needle by:

  1. Insert the needle
  2. Do not inject yet
  3. Retract the syringe slightly
  4. If blood appears in the syringe, change the position of the needle and try again

The common practice in NZ health (according to Healthline) is to administer the injection without aspiration.

Injection Techniques: REF:


After the mRNA injection, avoid the following for several days:

  1. Do no exercise heavily. Take it easy.
  2. Do not get hair dye treatments