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Mandates Introduced and Separation of Society Started

MOH emailed 24:00 - 26/10/2021

Dear Sir/Madam

I notice that the reason given by the prime minister for vaccine certificate requirements is so that covid doesn't enter the workplace. 


Under the official information act 1982, can you please confirm and provide supporting evidence regarding the following:

1:0 that a vaccinated person will never get covid 

2:0 that the vaccinated person cannot be contagious

3:0 that comorbid persons cannot be infectious or super spreaders once vaccinated

4:0 in specific, persons with immune compromised systems, once vaccinated, are not capable of being infectious.

5:0 that for the certificate, you will only be required to have the two vaccine shots

6:0 that dismissal from a job due to vaccination issues will allow the redundant employee to apply for sickness benefit as they are dismissed due to health reasons

7:0 that psychological stress and fear of death or other health issues from the vaccine will be an appropriate reason for a person to qualify for medical exemption

8:0 PCR tests only identify genuine covid cases and not other diseases such as influenza

Yours truly

Ian Stephenson

The law about mandates in USA