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Is This Why mRNA Does Not Work?

The mRNA Injection does not appear to have a long lasting effect and on-going booster shots may be required forever. Why? I have a theory. It is only a theory but please read and comment: 1: Normal Vaccines and why they work without booster shots A normal vaccine introduces a weakened pathogen into your body.  Your immune system analyses the pathogen and establishes a response that eliminates the pathogen; a process it remembers for a long time and perhaps your entire life. 2: How does the new mRNA injection work? Each injection of the mRNA vaccine places @ 40 trillion mRNA packages into your muscle.  Approximately 25% stays in the muscle, 75% passes into your lymphatic system which distributes them around your body. Many of the mRNA packages eventually enter various cells and process their code through one of the cell's ribosomes* to produce lots of protein spikes that resemble the protein spike on the virus surface. (* Ribosomes the 'keys' used to enter a cell). The cell