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Daily Progress - Questions

This is a daily progress log.


No answer from any government department yet on the seven questions below.
I have researched more and found the answers. This led to more questions which I will write up shortly.

It is concerning that we are driving a campaign to vaccinate 90% of Auckland without answers to relevant questions. I am only doing the due diligence I was told to do, but I am not getting the answers.

I am as open as I can be and in no way aggressive to any response. Everyone I talk to agrees and thanks me for providing such a reasoned approach. We laugh at the end and all realise, nobody knows.

I am going to develop a standard for people who are on the fence like me.
I am asking my doctors to assist with the standard:

Email to my Doctors


  1. Drink mineral water. Perhaps 3 -6 glasses per day. Do not sip it. Drink it down else you may end up with a weak bladder.
  2. Get your skin under the sun regularly. Whilst in the sun, do not cover up for 5 or so minutes every day (depending on the strength of the sun). This replenishes your vitamin D levels. If you are dark skinned, you need more sun as our amazing skin deflects more of the sun's rays and reduces vitamin D creation.
  3. Reduce/eliminate processed foods such as all 'fast food' products, fruit drinks (eat the fruit don't drink it).
  4. Review health star ratings. Not perfect but it is a start.
  5. Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup (and all the variants of it) from your diet. ANY products with it in; find them and eliminate. My protein powder had it in as well as cereals, muesli, drinks, alcohol, break, biscuits, ice cream, sweets ... it is everywhere and is very high on the suspect list for the endemic place we find ourselves.
  6. Reduce alcohol. One Alcoholic drink for the same size measure of water is a good balance.
  7. Eat more leafy greens and anything that is salad based
  8. More vegies than meat.
  9. Only use coconut oil or olive oil. What vegetable is vegetable oil made of? Answer - It's not made from vegetables. Never trust something that says it is one thing, but is in fact another.
  10. Red potatoes as opposed to white.
  11. Do not drink energy drinks as they are not what they say they are. They use a chemical concoction to 'spike' your energy and then use caffeine to keep you awake. Have a coffee instead if you must (if you want energy, learn Keto).
  12. Reduce or eliminate completely fried food. Use an air fryer or bake and steam.
  13. Don't burn food. When you overheat oil, it changes into something very unhealthy.
  14. Find a source of selenium. I eat one Brazil Nut (specifically grown in Brazil) a day, as we don't have selenium in our soil. I never put on sunscreen and don't get burnt easily. I am still careful not to spend too much time in the sun but it has never been a problem since I leant about selenium.
  15. Simple exercise. A walk is as good as anything else and it's a time to enjoy the outdoors.
  16. Be kind and don't get stressed. Magnesium is depleted during stress so if stressed, get a magnesium supplement.
  17. Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Magnesium, Iodine, Selenium, Omega 3 are some of the main vitamins and minerals to research.
  18. Get a health check. What is your natural immunity like? You may not want the vaccine but if your health is compromised, the vaccine is an important tool.
  19. Age is only a factor because we degrade in health. You degrade due to nutritional inadequacies. Review your diet.
This list will evolve so I will make a specific page called THE NATURAL VACCINATION.


If you get a clean bill of health from your doctor and follow researched health measures, then the answer to the question, 'Have you been vaccinated?" is still unfortunately NO.

vaccination definition
Vaccination is the administration of a vaccine to help the immune system develop protection from a disease. Vaccines contain a microorganism or virus in a weakened, live or killed state, or proteins or toxins from the organism. In stimulating the body's adaptive immunity, they help prevent sickness from an infectious disease.

The Covid-19 vaccination does not qualify under this definition of vaccine so technically, mRNA 'vaccines' are not a vaccine. (

"Yes I have been immunised by mother nature.
She has been my family's doctor since the beginning of time and is part of my family's religion and culture. She is a part of my Whakapapa and I am part of hers. We are family and I trust her.

In all my research to date, the problem is that people with an impacted immunity are severely affected by Covid-19. When you get the virus (and you have to accept that you will), if you are not vaccinated, you truly need to know that you will be 'OK'. That your immunity is capable of beating the virus. The statistics show that a natural immune system has a proven ability to handling the virus. As good a result as the vaccine. This is supported by peer reviewed research. However if your immune system is low, this is a significant problem. 
  1. You get the virus
  2. Your immune system fights it
  3. The virus is too strong and the battle goes on and on
  4. As it does, variants in the virus occur
  5. During your infection your are infectious
  6. People around you will pick up the virus
  7. They will also be dosed with the variants and they may not be able to survive
In this model, the virus is described as a product of the unvaccinated and this has some validity but is not quite correct. We need to change the statement to:

The virus is a product of people with low natural immunity

This is the truth. I would appreciate anyone who has a different opinion discussing their point of view and establishing facts to support their debate.


This is my family's lunch. 15 minutes from start to finish.
Cost @ $5.00 NZD a serving. 
The perfect complement is natural lemon and ginger tea.
I will show you how.
Egg is free range and fed Natural Grains. It is delicious and I eat my first meal about 12 noon. 
I get up anywhere between 3 AM and 6 AM. I am fully awake immediately. 
I am an office worker so this meal suits my activity level. If I worked in the field, I would add a low GI carbohydrate such as steamed Kumara. 
I can cycle or run for 50 km on no food, without depleting energy, easy as. 
I plan such a journey with the previous day's meal.

I will eat dinner (even though I am not hungry) about 3-5pm. 
I am not keto. I do Intermittent Fasting, Low GI, as sugar free as possible, and drink water.
It is no stress or fuss. 
It is simple and affordable.
It is delicious and filled with what I call 'LOVE :)' and I never ever get sick of eating it as I can infinitely change the macros. The secret is preparation.

I am 60 and I don't know who my doctor is. I will get a photo taken today so you may see the result of healthy living. You can do the same. I am not special, I am just like you only I have looked after myself for the past 5-10 years. I was heading to the doctors for sure but I was able to change.


There are seven important questions:

I have understood what the vaccine does.
New technology produces an mRNA code that engages with cell ribosomes (Ref: NIH to produce a 'fake' protein spike.

This spike is then recognised by the immune system as rogue and antibodies are produced to block the 'spike' of the virus if the virus should enter your body.

BUT is that actually the case? I need to do more research.

I have the number of the Immunisation Advisory Centre:

TO: The Immunisation Advisory Centre

15/09/2021: 9:44 am

For many years I have looked after my own health by eating healthily, exercising, sleeping, and living as stress-free life as possible. I know many people who have done the same and are in perfect health. When we look at introducing anything into our bodies we truly examine it. Obviously the rushed Covid-19 vaccine has raised some issues and many people are concerned. 

As much as there is an initial uptake of the vaccine, eventually there will be a decline in numbers and only the following will encourage them to vaccinate:

  1. Government mandate 
  2. Discrimination.
  3. Advice from sound public research

I am forming a public face on SARS-CoV-2 at and am establishing some base factors.

Could you please provide as best an answer as possible to the following questions:


Is the coronavirus spike protein shape/structure a copy of an existing natural biological cell process that also uses the same/similar spike to access the cell? If so, is a natural process also blocked by the vaccine?


Is a person, who develops natural immunity, able to resolve further infections via their natural immunity as rapidly as a person with the vaccine?


With the number of SARS-CoV-2 mutations occurring, due to gain-of-function, what is a realistic estimate of how long before the current vaccine is no longer effective against such variants?


To continue to be protected from the ongoing variants, will you need to continue to receive 'booster shots' or will one day, your natural immune system take over?


A common side effect of the vaccine injection is a passing headache.

What is the exact cause of the headache?



a) First time infection of 'not at risk' patients; how quickly does the vaccine vs natural immunity resolve the infection?

b) On reinfection, which is more effective. Vaccine or Natural Immunity?


It is proposed that vaccinated people can travel to Fiji once all Fijian's are vaccinated.

Q7a) Please confirm or explain the following facts

Fact 1: Vaccinated people can still be re-infected and have long durations of infection

Fact 2:  Visitors without infection could pick up an infection and bring it back to their country

Fact 3: Variants can still be created in vaccinated people

Q7b) On their return, are these vaccinated people infectious to other people?

I noticed that IMAC is a member of:

What is this organisation? 
"The Vaccine Safety Net is a global network of websites, established by the World Health Organization, that provides reliable information on vaccine safety."



  1. I may have had Covid-19, so am I immune?
  2. If I am immune, how long for?
  3. Will the vaccine improve my natural immunity and if so, by how much and where is the research from?
  4. Is natural immunity better than vaccine immunity?
The conclusion to all questions will be: If you are naturally immune, how can you tell and is natural immunity the better defence from Covid-19 AND the ongoing variants.



Ref: Australian Government Department of Health:

The Immunisation Advisory Centre