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Covid-19 Conclusion


  1. The vast majority of people would survive Covid-19 ref: The WHO

  2. Psychology, ego, and money is driving the campaign, not public health

  3. The vaccine has not been fully tested. No one knows:

    1. If it will actually work

    2. Long term effects

    3. How it will be funded

  4. Natural immunity is being impacted by:

    1. Lack of skin exposure to the sun

    2. Reduced Vitamin D levels

    3. High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in many foods and drinks. This blocks the absorption of vitamin D

    4. General population health is declining

    5. Natural immunity is being totally ignored because it does not serve the vaccination campaign

  5. Follow the power and money. Vaccine is creating many new billionaires and giving people a lot more power

  6. The treadmill of everyone having to vaccinate each year has been set in motion

  7. Long term, countries cannot afford the social impact of the model being set up. 

  8. Covid-19 is only the beginning. In future pre-emptive vaccines will be created even though there is no pandemic

  9. No one knows all the answers. The vaccine is just a guess

  10. The virus was created by science. Now science is presenting a solution and cashing in on the tragedy

  11. In my opinion, this was an issue created by D Trump, who

    1. Took away the WHO's funding

    2. Shut down the pandemic response team

    3. Did not like China and he is a man with no morals or empathy. A psychopath.