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 Who Am I?

I am a software architect and programmer. I have sat in front of a computer for 30 plus years and for hours on end. I am interested in health and fitness because when I don't, I end up overweight and plagued with neck and back problems. I have learnt to resolve this by eating healthily, exercising, and by understanding  my body. I am now 60 and 100% in good health and fitness. It has been a journey.

Why research Covid-19?

A common practice amongst IT technicians is to buy potential domain names early, to sell to an interested party later on. On the day that the novel coronavirus was reported, I bought the domain name I did not realise where things would end up. 

As the days progressed I watched in disbelief as SARS-CoV-2 events unfolded.

I did not try to sell the domain. It just seemed wrong to make a profit from the topic. A year later I purposely did not renew the fees and I let it lapse back into the public domain.

In 2021 the New Zealand Ministry of Health sent me an information pack about the vaccine and I booked in to get the injection.

As I waited for my appointment, the vaccine was a common topic of discussion amongst friends, family and business associates. Some people were for it and some were  not. There were so many expert opinions being referenced, and I watched so many films that people sent to me that it became impossible to know the truth. One expert scientist says this, whilst another would say that. Two totally different opinions and it was starting to drive me mad. "Who should I believe?". The government wanted me to believe them and I was happy to do so; except there were top doctors, Nobel prize winning scientists, immunologists, virologists and lawyers saying that the government experts were wrong.

I contacted the Ministry Of Health help line and asked for their assistance to understand the differences of expert opinion but they could not help. They said that it was up to each individual to do their own research and make a decision.

The unresolved issue wore away at me. It left me no choice but to cancel my injection appointment. 

As I sat inside the latest lockdown of August 2021 I stewed on the subject every day and wondered how I could work this out. It was becoming a big distraction and I could not afford the indecision. My friends and family were asking for my opinion and all I could do was offer more confusion. Not good for anyone's mental health and in my position, I felt that I had a duty to know the answer.

I am an analyst. I solve problems. It's what I do every day. I work progressively from one point to another and operate solely on the principles of 'true and false', validated by fact and outcome.  This logic works for building systems of infrastructure and accounting, so will it work to help a non scientist/doctor understand covid19?

For my family and friends health and safety, I am compelled to review this topic to a very thorough level. I want to enable others to follow the trail I make and if I am wrong, for them to tell me, give supporting evidence, and contribute to the journey.

We don't have long. For me, I need to get to a conclusion by October 2021 as I have to know my course.

During this review I will create a trail of references and conclusions. This blog is dedicated to that process. I will be as unbiased as I can be. I am neither pro nor against. I just need to understand it.

As luck would have it, no one had picked up the domain so I grabbed it again.

Follow my journey and see if you come to the same conclusions.

Ian Stephenson


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